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Seriously …


what the fuck

I hate white people.


In case anyone thought Ferguson was over & we could all stop paying attention.

I’ve been following justice4mikebrown and subscribed to the thisisthemovement mailing list for daily updates.

This is what hate crimes look like.

If someone were to die at the age of 63 after a lifelong battle with MS or Sickle Cell, we’d all say they were a “fighter” or an “inspiration.” But when someone dies after a lifelong battle with severe mental illness and drug addiction, we say it was a tragedy and tell everyone “don’t be like him, please seek help.” That’s bullshit. Robin Williams sought help his entire life. He saw a psychiatrist. He quit drinking. He went to rehab. He did this for decades. That’s HOW he made it to 63. For some people, 63 is a fucking miracle. I know several people who didn’t make it past 23 and I’d do anything to have 40 more years with them.

anonymous reader on The Dish

One of the more helpful and insightful things I’ve seen about depression/suicide in the last couple of days.

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Since everyone is shedding light on Sam Pepper for all of his sexual harassment towards women in his videos, I think we need to visit a topic that has never really been fully brought to everyone’s attention. Which is Shane Dawson.

Aside from his obvious blackface:




He has so many “characters” of hispanic and african american descent that are horribly offensive. He tacks on offensive “ghetto” accents and tangled cheap wigs and gives the characters the stereotypical racial persona’s like prostitutes, criminals, maids, cholas, etc.

Just a random example of one of his characters that is a maid with an offensive hispanic accent who he depicted having sex with a dog 


He was made popular for his character named Shanaynay who he’s played for years, every video the character is featured in contains extremely racist content. She’s depicted with a “ghetto” accent who makes horrible jokes. I mean there are countless videos of that character and every single one of them contain racist, homophobic, sexist and just outright offensive slurs and jokes. Just go to youtube, type “shane dawson shanaynay” and dozens of videos will pop up and i guarantee each one will have extremely offensive jokes and content.


In character or not, Shane’s videos always contain rape jokes, molestation jokes, racist jokes, sexist jokes, pedophilic jokes and homophobic jokes. Whether he’s in a costume and wig while doing it or just him out of character speaking. I actually lost count on how many times this man has said “F**got” over the years.

I am just making this post based on personal experience watching these videos and I am 100% sure there is way more horrible stuff so if you have anymore to say about this please feel free to reblog and add it on because I didn’t even go into depth of his videos and this is what i found with just about 10 minutes of searching things up. 

Shane has been making youtube videos for over 5 years now and he’s slid by with no repercussion or consequences of his seriously offensive actions. 

Sam’s video was taken down from YouTube within 24 hours of people complaining and he’s now been banned from Vidcon. When will POC on YouTube get this kind of support from the YouTube community? Where’s the petition from famous YouTubers saying this isn’t right? 

peadragon asked:

Regarding your post a few days ago about bisexuality and passing privilege. I'm in a similar situation to you (bi cis woman married to a straight cis guy). At the end of the day I feel like the vast majority of - if not all of - the privileges I receive from society not being able to immediately identify my queerness come as a direct result of me actively or passively hiding my sexuality and therefore a part of my identity and thus isn't privilege at all, it's just closeting myself. (cont)

(cont from last ask) In essence, I believe I have about the same amount of privilege as a single and/or closeted lesbian who doesn’t present in a stereotypically queer way. Anyway, I was just trying to say I get where you’re coming from and I think that way too sometimes and I’m not even 100% sure I’m right at the moment, but the idea that I should accept the erasure and invisibility of a part of my identity as a privilege hurts.

Thank you so much for writing this. In lieu of a long response, I’m trying to get all my thoughts together for a blog post. You’ve inspired me. <3

fancyfade asked:

interesting fact about me: evidenlty i draw on my notebooks and hands enough to weird out my classmates. not like weird pictures. just random scribbling.

I constantly write notes to myself on my hands and arms, and worry about not being able to do this once I complete the nine hundred bajillion tattoos I want done. I don’t know what I’ll doooooooooo.


Anonymous asked:

Interesting fact: I'm obsessed with giving hugs.

I love hugging people! In spite of a general fear of touch by anyone non-intimate, I can generally hug strangers so long as they ask first. :-)

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