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It’s been a spoon-draining week

Housework sucked up a lot, and usually meant that by the time my daughter was out of school, I was ready to park it on the couch until bed. Today’s big deal was driving all the way to therapy (and all the way home). I’m used to my knees killing me while I drive, but my elbow is also flaring like mad, and I’m not really sure why. I used my manual wheelchair at the clinic today, but if wheeling into the building and down a short hall is enough to cause a flare, my pretty new tires aren’t going to see much use. :-\

Speaking of which, though! I’m hoping to get some photos of me in my chair tomorrow, since the tires match my hair. ^.^ We’ve got a lot on our plate, but I’m really just hoping I can have a good day being out and about. I’ve been going stir crazy not having my wheelchair (because I needed new tires and tubes), so I just want to get rolling.

I have movie gift certificates, so we get to see Jack the Giant Slayer for free. ^.^ I’d never even heard of it before seeing gifs on Tumblr, so yay to Tumblr for exposing me to what looks like an awesome movie!

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  1. marimidnight said: very spoon draining indeed
  2. pinkiuspiekus said: It’s not a great movie, but Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci seem to be competing for biggest ham. I’d call it a draw, honestly. Have a good (better) day tomorrow!
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