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Mah churrr and mah hurrr, I can finally show them off!

So the wheels are brand new, and spiffy-looking as hell, but it was hard as hell to get them on, and they don’t have the traction of my Marathon Pluses. Still, pretty. I also took a photo after I’d transferred into my car, so you can see how the new color works with the chair as a whole. (For those wondering, I made my seat cushion myself with a memory foam mattress topper and fancy duct tape. ^.^

While my partner was loading up the car, I took advantage of the sunlight to show off my hair. The flop fades from fiery red to bright yellow, and you can finally freaking tell the orange and general flow of transition. I love it.

I was also feeling pretty snazzy fashion-wise, with some leggings and socks I picked up at Target for $3 and $1 respectively. Cripple fashion at its finest. ^.^

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    Damnit you are so PRETTY. Also your chair is rocking. Love the leggings and socks! (Same name on LJ)
  3. halrenna said: Looking incredibly awesome, as always! <3 Still jealous of that rocking pink jacket, btw.
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  5. foxsmudges-moved said: Ahhhh. I love your outfit <3 I’ll have to stop by target sometime and find some leggings and socks like that. Nice work on the seat too by the way ^3^ I’m an artist by trade, but I think I would have difficulty using duct tape in any form.
  6. nounbeast said: I simply cannot get over how beautiful you are. Also your fashion sense is fucking f l a w l e s s and I wish I had the boldness to contrast colors like you do.
  7. lenieclarke said: o wow, your hair is beautiful! love the customisation on the chair, too. very snazzy.
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