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My kid has found four 4-leaf-clovers over the course of the last week.


And she keeps giving them away so the rest of us will have luck. She kept one, gave one to my partner, and two to me because I clearly need extra luck, lol. I think there’s a little part of her that thinks I can stick one in each shoe and be all, "OH MY GOD I’M CURED LET’S GO FOR A JOG!"

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  2. notabadpun said: I LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER. She’s amazing~
  3. squidsqueen said: aww your kid is the greatest, I want to be just like her when I grow up. :p
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  5. sephirajo said: That is the sweetest thing ever. *__* And lucky on the kiddo for finding so many! That’s awesome! Also saw the flowers she gave you. :D So pretty. We’re still buried under snow here, for the most part, Vi’s kinda miserable because of it.
  6. falestiney said: so cute!
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